Treat yourself to these GIRLY 420 products

Almos Bechtold
Photo by Almos Bechtold /

Because stoners like to be girly too! Here’s a few super cute 420 items on Etsy. Prepare yourself for unicorns and glitter. Oh My.


The Most ADORABLE Pot Leaf Earrings / Obsessories LA

Pot Leaf Earrings

Find it HERE


A SUPER Sparkly Glitter Stash Jar / 420TIME

Glitter Stash Jar

Find it HERE


This MAJESTIC Unicorn Herb Grinder / Domingusa

Unicorn Herb GrinderFind it HERE


A SWEET Weed Smiley Face Makeup Bag / Fashionisgreat

Pot Leaf Makeup Bag

Find it HERE


This PRETTY Mermaid Blunt Rolling Tray / CraftyCassondra


Find it HERE


The CHARMING Sherlock Glass Pipe / FatBuddhaGlass


Find it HERE


A PERFECT gift for your BFF – Best Buds Kawaii Hat / CollectApparel

Best Buds Hat.jpg

Find it HERE


This MAGICAL Pot Leaf Tiara / BohoEarthHeadbands

Pot Leaf Tiara.jpg

Find it HERE


A Dazzling Glitter Pot Leaf Ash Tray & Lighter Set / CraftKrazie


Find it HERE


Thanks for visiting! Now let’s get high in style.

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