Pax 2 Review

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I received the Pax 2 as a gift and wanted to share my experience for anyone interested in purchasing one. It’s a portable vaporizer for shredded herb. It’s small, lightweight, and easy to hold. You can easily conceal it in one hand. It comes with two mouthpieces; one that’s flush with the unit, the other raises up for your lips slightly. The box also includes the charger and a cleaning kit.

The ‘oven’ is in the bottom and the cover is super easy to remove. Overall it works best when you pack the oven tightly and to the brim. Shredding the herb as fine as possible provides the best hits.

Tapping the top powers it on and it takes about a minute to heat up. The light on the front indicates when it’s powered on and which heat setting you are at. There are four heat settings available. I prefer settings 2 to 3. It takes roughly three hours to charge, which gives at least 90 minutes of usage. If you take decent (medium) draws, you can expect about 15 hits from one packing. Cleaning it thoroughly every 10 sessions (or so) is going to keep it working at peak performance.

VERDICT: 5/5 – I’M IN LOVE! I’m just as excited about it now as I was when I first received it. It’s fun to use, whether I’m alone or with a friend. A bonus is that you can taste the herb just as you would with a joint, yet the smell is minimal. It’s perfect for outdoor concerts, movies, or a quick session on your lunch break. Treat yourself!

Find the Pax 2 HERE

-Thanks for reading. Let me know in comments if you have tried any other Pax products.

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