Pax 2 Review

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I received the Pax 2 as a gift and wanted to share my experience for anyone interested in purchasing one. It’s a portable vaporizer for shredded herb. It’s small, lightweight, and easy to hold. You can easily conceal it in one hand. It comes with two mouthpieces; one that’s flush with the unit, the other raises up for your lips slightly. The box also includes the charger and a cleaning kit.

The ‘oven’ is in the bottom and the cover is super easy to remove. Overall it works best when you pack the oven tightly and to the brim. Shredding the herb as fine as possible provides the best hits.

Tapping the top powers it on and it takes about a minute to heat up. The light on the front indicates when it’s powered on and which heat setting you are at. There are four heat settings available. I prefer settings 2 to 3. It takes roughly three hours to charge, which gives at least 90 minutes of usage. If you take decent (medium) draws, you can expect about 15 hits from one packing. Cleaning it thoroughly every 10 sessions (or so) is going to keep it working at peak performance.

VERDICT: 5/5 – I’M IN LOVE! I’m just as excited about it now as I was when I first received it. It’s fun to use, whether I’m alone or with a friend. A bonus is that you can taste the herb just as you would with a joint, yet the smell is minimal. It’s perfect for outdoor concerts, movies, or a quick session on your lunch break. Treat yourself!

Find the Pax 2 HERE

-Thanks for reading. Let me know in comments if you have tried any other Pax products.

Top 10 Stoner ALBUMS

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Here are 10 OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD albums to listen to when you’re stoned. Enjoy!

















5. A.M. – ‘WILCO’














– Let me know your thoughts and your favorite stoner albums!


5 Stoner Friendly APPS

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Here are five (free) apps that I HIGHLY recommend;




This game is super addicting. You advance through the levels while training your ninja. There are punching bags, trampolines, balloons, and watermelons involved. Not only are the characters ridiculously adorable, but it’s oddly satisfying to punch and kick things with miniature ninjas.




This app is my life. I discovered it over a year ago and haven’t gone a day without using it. You can edit photo’s, draw, color, and connect with other artists. If you want to post your creations, you can create your own gallery (page) and build a following. The community of artists and photographers are so inspiring and kind. It’s my favorite app to get lost in while on edibles.




Connect with all your fellow stoners on this social network app. This is your (privacy protected) haven for all things weedy and green. Promote your business, shop, meet like-minded people, and learn new things about your favorite plant and strains.




This app is a pleasure for all people, but I have to think stoners appreciate it the most. A typical scenario for us is getting blazed and being unable to drive. No longer is pizza delivery your only option. For a small fee you can satisfy that intense craving for Italian, Thai, or even donuts. Place the order, pay, and before you know it your food is at your front door. This app is sent straight from heaven and I would kiss the creator if I could.




This is a fun way to personalize your text messages. You can drop emoji’s, stickers, strain info, and weed graphics straight into a text box. No more settling for the hidden meanings in regular emoji’s. Be a proud stoner and spice things up!


-Thanks for reading and let me know if I am missing out on any other stoner friendly apps!
















8 signs weed is your SUPERPOWER

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You are happy and you know it. You appreciate everything you have just a little more with less focus on what you don’t have. You smile and laugh. Miraculously other peoples ignorance, anger, or unhappiness isn’t able to take hold of you either. It may be the ultimate stoner superpower. When you are content, those around you tend to be too!


You are just an all around friendlier person after you get your head right. We know weed can bring people together, and it can relax those with social anxieties. Less overthinking. More saying hello to strangers. This can certainly be life changing.


You spend less time worried about your appearance and more about being a better person. When you are less concerned about what people think of you, it can be liberating and infectious to those around you. You can use that newfound energy to do other things like volunteering, making new friends, and trying new experiences. Shine on!


Whether it’s painting, writing, photography, or cooking. Your craft is at its best when you are stoned. You have new ideas, take risks, and let go. This frees you up to create instead of thinking too much. You will likely have more fun with it too.


Your bedroom is your sanctuary. You may even have twinkle lights hanging. It seems right to spend a full eight (or more) hours sleeping each night if you can. After all, without good sleep, we wouldn’t be able to wake and bake properly.


Whether you are dealing with chronic pain, usual aches and pains, migraines, emotional pain, or grief. You feel better after getting high. You have a healthy appetite and are able to focus on something other than feeling bad. There is no substitute for that relief.


You share your love of weed with others. It’s your mission to let others know how life changing it is and is the first thing you suggest when someone is sad or stressed out. You often wonder how anyone can live without it.


You are so content with how you feel when you’re high that you no longer want to drink. Mixing the two can certainly kill the good vibes. It’s a beautiful thing to say goodbye to the spins, sad toilet vomiting, and killer hangovers.


-Let’s keep spreading the word about the benefits of cannabis. It’s clear we are on the right track! Let me know in comments what your other stoner superpowers are.










25 stoner PET NAMES

Japeth Mast
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Have we taken our love of weed too far when we name our pet something obviously stoner related? I say just far enough. I’ve done it four times. It makes me happy when I’m surrounded by everything Mary Jane, which was my first cats name. It fit her brilliantly with her gorgeous emerald eyes. Here’s some inspiration if you are looking for a name for your new best friend. Some are incognito if you want to pretend it was pure coincidence. I won’t say a word.

INDO: I start here because this is my cat’s name. She’s fluffy and gray. It came to me as soon as I met her because she’s the color of smoke. She’s sort of a legend around these parts.

SNOOP: Ok, this is my other cat’s name. He’s the most handsome and loving boy in the whole world. Clearly he needed an EPIC name.

BLAZE: This is a happy name. Perfection for any type of animal. Bonus points if they have red or orange hair.

CANNON: Can you get much higher? It’s extremely clever if you have a runner on your hands.

AUNT MARY: Slang. Unique and is a bit formal which is always funny for pet names. A pet so nice you named it twice.

HOUDINI: Because you escape reality. Voila! This one offers plausible deniability that it’s herb related, and would suit a cat well.

NUGGET: Slang for herb. Let’s reserve this name for the cutest of the cute because it’s so precious.

KUSH: Fun popular strain reference. If your pet is pleasantly plump, this is it! Imagine how cute their collar nametag will be.

JAY: If you love joints as much as I do, this seems like a no brainer for a male. He’ll need a bow tie for sure.

DURBAN: This just sounds like a pet name. Partial nod to the phenomenal strain Durban Poison. Mark my words, he or she will be the shot caller of the neighborhood.

BUDDHA: Slang. Classic. This would fit so many animals and would be a good conversation starter.  It could be your little secret.

HYDRO: Alluding to the method of growing indoor flower hydroponically. If your pet really likes water it would be sheer genius.

TWIST: Slang for a joint. He or she he will be a total badass.

CHIEF: Reference to smoking herb and suitable for all animals. A handkerchief will be their signature ensemble.

FROSTY: Another fierce strain. Also a reference to the white crystally goodness on nugs. If you have a white pet this would be pure gold.

GOO: Indica strain. It’s unusual and sweet at the same time. I think I found my next cat’s name.

YODA: Jackpot if you are a Star Wars and weed fanatic. Yoda OG is a first-class strain as well. This pet will likely be infamous. Get their Instagram ready.

DOJA: Uncommon slang for herb. Only your most accomplished stoner friends will catch this one.

ROCKET: If you’ve got a track star, this would be just right. It’s also a clear indication that you may like to get high.

DIESEL: The name of a wicked strain. It’s a more common name for pets, and would be a fantastic name for a large dog.

MUNCH: When you’ve got a case of the munchies. Dual purpose if your pet lives at the food dish.

CHINO: Slang for weed. Memorable and fun. Prepare for some mischief from this little one.

GASPER: An old school term for joint. I’m sure it will start a trend.

KUMAR: One half of the hysterical stoner duo Harold & Kumar. This pet is destined for greatness.

DAZE: Last but certainly not least. One syllable which is great for a dog.

-If you name your pug Nugget, be sure to let me know so I can die happy. I hope you took away a few ideas. Did I miss a great name? Let me know in comments.
















How does weed affect your DREAMS?

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Many weed smokers swear by a few hits before bed to send them peacefully into dreamland. It works like a charm. Do we dream less because of it?

There are two main types of sleep. The first is Non Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) which is considered a quiet sleep. The second is Rapid Eye Movement (REM) which is active sleep. Within these two types, there are four stages we all go through each time we slumber.

NREM Stage 1: Beginning of the cycle. Slow brain waves. Lasts about 5-10 minutes.

NREM Stage 2: Body temperature drops. Bursts of brain wave activity occur. Lasts about 20 minutes.

NREM Stage 3: Less responsive. Muscles relax. Blood pressure and breathing rate drop. Deepest sleep occurs during this stage.

REM Stage 4: Brain becomes more active. Body is relaxed and immobilized. Eyes move rapidly. Dreams occur. An estimated 20% of sleep time is spent in this stage.

There is evidence that marijuana can interfere with REM sleep. Feinberg, et al (1975) compared sleep patterns of experienced marijuana users on THC vs placebo. Feinberg, et al. (1975) concluded reduced rapid eye movement activity and less REM sleep in the THC users. Alternatively, the same study shows that THC withdrawal can increase REM activity.

It’s official; weed can affect our dreams. We can certainly fall asleep quickly under the influence, but in turn have reduced activity during REM sleep which reduces our chance of vivid dreams. While those withdrawing from THC can have more active REM sleep, and more vivid dreams.

I now find myself analyzing my own sleep and dreams. I smoke daily, especially at night. I suppose I don’t dream as often as I used to. Or at least I don’t recall those dreams. The trade off here is that being high (while awake) can be similar to a dream state. While I don’t hallucinate, I am relaxed and hazy. Two of my favorite feelings.

Do you dream more or less after smoking? Do you have any reoccurring dreams while high? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.



Feinberg, I., Jones, R, Walker JM, Cavness, C, March, J. (1975). Effects of high dosage delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol on sleep patterns in man. Clin Parmacol Ther. 1975; 17(4):458-66.



10 things stoners have in COMMON


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Obviously marijuana is one of our best friends. It helps us relieve anxiety, boost creativity, relax, sleep, eat, and simply have more fun in life. Just the sight of it makes us giddy. The smell of it is heavenly. We are always looking forward to our next high. And no matter how many times we smoke, we never get sick of it. We’ll also go to the end of the earth to find it. That’s true love.


Simon Maage
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We forgive and forget differences when we share a love of weed. We mingle. We listen. We speak rationally. We get to know people with much different beliefs and views than our own because we have something key in common. We don’t judge. No stoner can be that bad, right? This opens us up to new friends and experiences which is a beautiful thing.


Erik Witsoe.png
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We don’t understand the concept of seeing movies sober. That’s just silly. This is a tradition that’s not going away anytime soon. You’ll find us in the concession line desperately trying to decide between Skittles and Sour Patch Kids. Being high enhances the experience, whether it’s a 3D action flick or a quirky comedy. I personally go full edible for movies I’m really excited about. The high kicks in shortly after the movie starts. Nothing better.


Thomas Tucker.png
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This can be a tricky one when you are surrounded by non-smokers. Boo! Stoners all know that the meal they are about to enjoy is going to taste so much better if they can hit the pipe a few times first. Headed to Chipotle? In my household, we know what comes first. Some of us take it further, getting high before a coffee or a small snack. I think we can all agree that everything is just better when you’re stoned and food is at the top of the list.


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We are more relaxed than the average bear. Less of the bullshit is going to get to us. If there is a delay, we aren’t upset and uptight. If the car doesn’t start, it won’t ruin our entire day. If our order comes out wrong, we know exactly how to handle it without making a scene. Better yet, we are more open to spontaneous fun and trying new things. Life is too short to be angry all the time and nobody knows that better than stoners.


Amy Treasure.png
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We are often low maintenance. This seems to be especially true of the stoner ladies. We don’t spend hours grooming and dressing ourselves like other women. We don’t pile on the makeup and cover up who we really are. For the most part, we just want to be comfortable. This is not to say that we don’t have style. Of course we do! I think this speaks to the level of confidence we have in ourselves which is such a beautiful thing.


Nathan Dumlao
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For some reason non-smokers tend to think we sit around all day and watch TV drooling. Nothing could be further from the truth. We get up, get ready, go to work and pay our bills. The same way everyone else does. We don’t slack on our responsibilities just because we enjoy getting high. In our circles, things actually get done because of weed. New ideas are brought to life. A socially awkward person can open up and face a fear. I feel good about saying that we are not lazy, and may in fact be overachievers in disguise.


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It seems that a lot of us have pets. Multiple pets. Cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, snakes, lizards, turtles. It’s a common theme. We are a compassionate bunch, and tend to rescue animals in need. We stand up against animal abuse. We know that all animals are innocent creatures and we are happy to love and take care of as many as possible.


Hasin Farhan
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It’s true of myself and every stoner I know. You had three lighters earlier, committed to keeping them in one spot. It’s officially time to spark the joint and they are nowhere to be found. You frantically look everywhere. It’s the hunt of a lifetime. Each time we tell ourselves it’s the last time, but somehow the hunt continues. I suppose it’s an unexplainable mystery much like socks going missing from the dryer. What can you do? Buy 4-packs and hope for the best.


Sharon McCutcheon
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While vape pens seem to be taking over the world, I still prefer a joint. I roll them up, carry them around, give them to people on their birthdays. I love smoking them with friends, and enjoy smoking them alone just as much. We all have our favorite way to smoke. Bongs, pipes, it’s all fun! Or perhaps you don’t even smoke. If you dive into the edible pool, and that’s all you need, more power to you. I’m willing to try your way, if you are occasionally willing to try mine.

I think this list proves it; we are downright exceptional people. We are accepting, confident, love animals, and know how to let go and have a good time. Let’s get high to that.