Then & WOW – History of THC potency

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Things have gotten out of hand- in the best possible way. The quality and strength of cannabis available nowadays is unprecedented. Whether you use it recreationally or medicinally, high demand and legalization have pushed growers to reach new limits.

THC is the chemical in cannabis responsible for most of it’s pleasing effects. It attaches to, and activates, your cannabinoid receptors. Poof. You’re high. Let’s explore past and present THC potency so we can fully appreciate how far we’ve come.

1960 to 1970: Ranging from .2 to 1%

1980 to 1990: Ranging from 1 to 3.5%

2000 to 2010: Ranging from 5.4 to 10.96%

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Fast forward to 2018 and cannabis is now legal for medicinal use in 30 states, and recreationally in 9 states. There is no better time as THC levels currently reach as high as 28% or more. The average potency level for flower available here in Oregon ranges from 18 to 28%. It’s an epic time to be a stoner. Remember at this potency, less is definitely more.

Signing off with a few of the most potent strains as listed on article What Are The Strongest Cannabis Strains?

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Girl Scout Cookie (Hybrid) – 20% or higher

GG4 (Hybrid) – Mid to upper 20%

Bruce Banner (Hybrid) – 30% or higher

Ghost Train Haze (Hybrid) – 25% or higher

Let me know in comments if you know of any especially potent strains. I love Bruce Banner and am now on the hunt for Ghost Train Haze. Yes please!

Why does weed make us PARANOID?

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It has long been known that an unfortunate side effect to our lovely friend maryjane is paranoia. Paranoia is defined as an instinct or thought process believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of delusion and irrationality. I would say that sums it up. While a lucky few may have brain chemistry that makes them impervious to this, the rest of us are wondering WHY it happens.

A region of the brain known as the amygdala is responsible for many of our emotions- including fear, anger, and pleasure. We have two; one in each hemisphere of our brains. A study by Vanderbilt University has located cannabinoid receptors in the amygdala. When THC attaches to those receptors it provides you with either mellow feel good vibes, or paranoia and fear. It can go either way.

The environment and dosage play an important role in your experience. You are much more likely to avoid anxiety by being somewhere comfortable and not overdoing it. I have personally been to some dark places after eating too much edibles. More recently was a magical trip to Disneyland high on just the right amount of edibles. It’s best to build your high so you can gauge how it affects you.

Stoners just want to be happy! Our brain chemistry certainly plays a role in how we respond to cannabis, but we ultimately control when and how much. Stay away from the dark side of edibles my friends. Let me know in comments if you’ve got any wild paranoid while high stories. Signing off with a trippy picture of Disneyland which just felt right.

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How to roll MAGIC JOINTS

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Weed is magic and there are countless ways to enjoy it. Let’s take a look at how to roll specialty joints so you can take your game to the next level.


Let the master (Seth Rogen) show us how to roll a cross joint. After watching Pineapple Express years ago, I became obsessed. You have to do it at least once. And it’s not nearly as difficult as it looks. Bring it to a party and enjoy being the most popular stoner there.



These are so clever and make me feel like Rihanna when I smoke them. I went through a lot of rolling papers learning how, but it’s sweet success when it finally comes together.



Yes. It’s a joint shaped like a pipe. This would be an epic gift for a stoner friend. Then you can smoke it together. Win Win.



These pretty joints aren’t just for girls. They hit hard and will be the life of the party.



While the others are so unique, this is just a big ol’ fatty joint. Just as exciting and takes skill to roll.


Go get those rolling papers and start creating your own smokable art. Signing off with some mind blowing inspiration. Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know in comments if I’m missing any unique joints.













10 rules of the SMOKE CIRCLE

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Fact: Stoners like to gather in circles and get high. Let’s explore ten classic rules that often go unspoken.


Contribute. Every time. It’s as easy as that if you want to be invited back.


Always pass left. Even when you are camping, hot-boxing a car, or at the top of a mountain. If it’s not possible to pass left, you need to invite more people to this party.


Some people can smoke copious amounts of weed and still function. Bless you Snoop Dogg! Others take two hits and they are contemplating an ER visit. It’s proper etiquette to let those who need to bow out do so gracefully.


Never pass ash. When the bong is empty, or you’re at the end of the joint, don’t pass it on. It’s your turn to re-load or re-roll.


If you are sick, smoke on your own and let people know. Nobody wants to get the flu from smoking a joint.


Keep your saliva to yourself. Nothing ruins a perfectly rolled blunt faster than a wet end. Keep is classy. Keep it dry.


Whether your smoking buddies are strangers or best friends, the smoke circle is not the time to tell your life story or pitch a business idea. Keep it light and don’t use up all the oxygen in the room.


Don’t forget others are waiting for their turn. Take one hit and pass it. It is generally frowned upon to sit and smoke alone while everyone watches


It’s hard to connect with people while staring at a screen. The whole experience is lost if you don’t engage. Ditch the electronics and enjoy yourself.


Be sure to thank the host, especially if you smoked all their weed and ate all their Oreos. Stoner friends thrive when their is proper balance. Always return the favor.


-Thanks for reading. Are there any smoke circle rules that I missed? Let me know in comments.