10 things stoners have in COMMON


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Obviously marijuana is one of our best friends. It helps us relieve anxiety, boost creativity, relax, sleep, eat, and simply have more fun in life. Just the sight of it makes us giddy. The smell of it is heavenly. We are always looking forward to our next high. And no matter how many times we smoke, we never get sick of it. We’ll also go to the end of the earth to find it. That’s true love.


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We forgive and forget differences when we share a love of weed. We mingle. We listen. We speak rationally. We get to know people with much different beliefs and views than our own because we have something key in common. We don’t judge. No stoner can be that bad, right? This opens us up to new friends and experiences which is a beautiful thing.


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We don’t understand the concept of seeing movies sober. That’s just silly. This is a tradition that’s not going away anytime soon. You’ll find us in the concession line desperately trying to decide between Skittles and Sour Patch Kids. Being high enhances the experience, whether it’s a 3D action flick or a quirky comedy. I personally go full edible for movies I’m really excited about. The high kicks in shortly after the movie starts. Nothing better.


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This can be a tricky one when you are surrounded by non-smokers. Boo! Stoners all know that the meal they are about to enjoy is going to taste so much better if they can hit the pipe a few times first. Headed to Chipotle? In my household, we know what comes first. Some of us take it further, getting high before a coffee or a small snack. I think we can all agree that everything is just better when you’re stoned and food is at the top of the list.


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We are more relaxed than the average bear. Less of the bullshit is going to get to us. If there is a delay, we aren’t upset and uptight. If the car doesn’t start, it won’t ruin our entire day. If our order comes out wrong, we know exactly how to handle it without making a scene. Better yet, we are more open to spontaneous fun and trying new things. Life is too short to be angry all the time and nobody knows that better than stoners.


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Photo by Amy Treasure / Unsplash.com

We are often low maintenance. This seems to be especially true of the stoner ladies. We don’t spend hours grooming and dressing ourselves like other women. We don’t pile on the makeup and cover up who we really are. For the most part, we just want to be comfortable. This is not to say that we don’t have style. Of course we do! I think this speaks to the level of confidence we have in ourselves which is such a beautiful thing.


Nathan Dumlao
Photo by Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash.com

For some reason non-smokers tend to think we sit around all day and watch TV drooling. Nothing could be further from the truth. We get up, get ready, go to work and pay our bills. The same way everyone else does. We don’t slack on our responsibilities just because we enjoy getting high. In our circles, things actually get done because of weed. New ideas are brought to life. A socially awkward person can open up and face a fear. I feel good about saying that we are not lazy, and may in fact be overachievers in disguise.


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It seems that a lot of us have pets. Multiple pets. Cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, snakes, lizards, turtles. It’s a common theme. We are a compassionate bunch, and tend to rescue animals in need. We stand up against animal abuse. We know that all animals are innocent creatures and we are happy to love and take care of as many as possible.


Hasin Farhan
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It’s true of myself and every stoner I know. You had three lighters earlier, committed to keeping them in one spot. It’s officially time to spark the joint and they are nowhere to be found. You frantically look everywhere. It’s the hunt of a lifetime. Each time we tell ourselves it’s the last time, but somehow the hunt continues. I suppose it’s an unexplainable mystery much like socks going missing from the dryer. What can you do? Buy 4-packs and hope for the best.


Sharon McCutcheon
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon / Unsplash.com

While vape pens seem to be taking over the world, I still prefer a joint. I roll them up, carry them around, give them to people on their birthdays. I love smoking them with friends, and enjoy smoking them alone just as much. We all have our favorite way to smoke. Bongs, pipes, it’s all fun! Or perhaps you don’t even smoke. If you dive into the edible pool, and that’s all you need, more power to you. I’m willing to try your way, if you are occasionally willing to try mine.

I think this list proves it; we are downright exceptional people. We are accepting, confident, love animals, and know how to let go and have a good time. Let’s get high to that.

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Step up your WEED GAME

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Because everyone wants to be the best stoner they can be, right? I was sixteen the first time I got stoned. A friend and I smoked out of a makeshift Dr. Pepper can and it was heavenly. I took a few hits at best. We laughed, ate cookies, and then watched Oprah. Rebels in the making. My anxieties were gone and the world was a little brighter. Since then, I have smoked nearly every day because it simply makes life more fun. Over the years, the options on how to get high have increased exponentially. No more soda cans or carved out apples. I’m also lucky to live in Oregon where it’s legal for recreational sale and use. Needless to say, I am one happy stoner chick. Here are a few ways to take it to a new level;

Vaporizing: This has been around a while and trust me I’ve explored all the options. The EZ Vape, PAX, and multiple pens. My favorite is the Volcano. You’ve all heard of it, and few can afford it. I have never owned one but I’ve used friends. This is a melt in the couch experience. You shred the herb, put it inside, then hook the device up to a plastic bag that inflates with vapor. This is an intense high. Personally, I was stoned for hours and loved every second. Perfect for kicking back and watching movies, or hanging with friends. If you have the money to spare, or win the lotto, don’t hesitate to treat yourself!  Then invite me over please.

Edibles: I have eaten many edibles over the years. I still get excited every time I eat weed. This is my go to for work, or family functions. I occasionally buy them at dispensaries but there is nothing more satisfying than making your own. It’s cheaper too! I have learned through trial and error the best way to make cookies, muffins, or whatever your little stoner heart desires, is coconut oil. Put in equal amounts coconut oil to shredded herb in a crockpot for at least 6 hours. I prefer the low setting to avoid burning. You simply stir it a few times while its cooking and strain the oil through cheesecloth when you are done. A few layers of cheesecloth will keep all the herb out. The oil should be bright green. Then store it in a mason jar in the fridge until you cook or bake with it. Word of advice- Always test your edibles for potency before sharing them with anyone. Second word of advice- the crockpot method will make your place smell like a marijuana grow house.

Dabbing: Holy crapola! This is a fun one. Not something I would do daily as it’s a lot of work. You basically vaporize wax concentrate (torch heated) and inhale the vapors from a rig. The rig is similar to an old school water bong. There are tons of great videos on YouTube if you are beginner. Beginners should be cautious as this high is fierce. You will cough, you may cry, and you will trip hard.  Yes please!

Wake N’ Bake: My favorite. For those who have not smoked right after waking up in the morning, know that you are truly missing out. On your next day off, smoke first. Coffee second. For some reason this is always the best high of the day. We’re all groggy when we first wake up. Or at least I am. Getting baked amplifies that hazy feeling. Depending on what strain you smoke, this could make you lazy or it could give you energy. And the good news is, this applies to naps as well.

ABV: Already. Been. Vaped. If you vaporize often, you know you end up with used brown weed. Instead of throwing it out, try saving it in a jar. I promise it has not lost all of it’s potential. You can use it for making coconut oil. Or butter, if you prefer. I tried olive oil once and it worked well. It won’t be as potent as using shredded fresh flower but they will get you high. The oil/butter will obviously be darker green (almost brown) with this method.

Now let’s get high!